Message from the Chairman

JAWDAH INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LTD was founded in the year 2010 Comprising many of JAWDAH Companies &branches under its umbrella in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our main objective in JAWDAH Group is to increase our market share in the industrial and construction sector in the Kingdom, establish a wide network of strategic alliances and financing new acquisitions within our vision to be the leader in the Saudi industry and construction sector and for more growth and development.

The continuous success that we had achieved in JAWDAH ,after the grace of ALLAH is a result of the synergy of joint efforts of all JAWDAH affiliates companies and branches and the strong strategic relationships that ties us with our partners and customers, and with no doubt our government’s wise strategy under the leadership of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and Crown Prince, HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, may God protect them ,which aimed for doubling the contribution of the industrial sector to the Kingdom’s GDP, had the greatest impact in supporting our expansion plans within the Saudi market.


We attribute our continuous achievements to the favor of Allah and to our continuous interest in focusing on training and developing of local human competencies and to expand locally, regionally, and internationally for establishing a network of advanced factories that provide an integrated set of products that comply with the highest international quality standards.

In JAWDAH, we are committed to build a solid technical base to be a new pillar in the pillars of our success in meeting the requirements of targeted markets.

From our deepened studies, and to cope with the requirements of the current and future stages, we in JAWDAH, came out with a comprehensive strategy that carries clear vision and mission to create a strong industrial entity that can meet the requirements of building and construction sectors, contribute to pushing forward the wheel of economic development and set out new standards of quality and excellence in providing building material products.

By virtue of Allah, JAWDAH Group has succeeded in acquiring a large share of the Kingdom’s market in different industries.

Finally, we are looking forward to expanding the scope of our business in the Middle East and North Africa during the coming period to benefit from new horizons and emerging investment opportunities in accordance with Kingdom’s Vision for the year 2030.


Board Members


Executive Management