T-Grid Suspension Systems

Jawdah supplies superior quality suspension systems for ceiling tiles, along with all the required suspension accessories, Tee Grid exposed Suspension Systems is The most widely used suspension system available. It is rust-resistant and offers appropriate load-carrying capacities for different types of tiles, light fixtures, and air distribution elements. The system can be used in general applications, the Tee Grid systems include T-24 and T-15 Tee Grid Suspensions with different sizes (metric & impreial) different PERFORMANCE (regular & heavy duty) also available in various colors which are all compatible with all of our Ceiling Tiles, where the choice of what type of suspension is suitable depends on the type and size of the ceiling Tile (aluminum, G.I, Stainless steel, open-cell, Gypsum), along with the appropriate suspension accessories, all our suspension system is being produced with the highest standards all with hanging accessories to ensure both structural and aesthetic integrity in all ceiling designs.


Features and Benefits:
  • Maximum economy and design simplicity
  • Corrosive resistance, humidity resistance.
  • Lock design makes the grid module demountable without tools.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • Safe, fast and simple to install & easily accessible.

Product Specifications
Material Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron comply with American ASTM A653M. Cap is made of either:
• Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron comply with American ASTM A653M
• Aluminum.
Type T-24 & T-15
Color 9 main standard colors & other colors upon client request.
Fire Rating
(Raw Material)
Class A1
Resistivity Corrosive resistance, Humidity resistance, offers appropriate load-carrying capacities for Tiles.
Compatibility • Square edge ceiling tiles (lay-on)
• Lay-in ceiling tiles
• Tegular edges ceiling tiles
• Clip-in ceiling tiles
Sizes Metric & Imperial
Thickness 0.28mm Regular
0.32mm Heavy duty
Finish Face(cap): Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron, also avalabile in Anti-Bacterial paint uponrequest.
• Aluminum.
  • For Jawdah’s Metal & Gypsum Ceiling Tiles
  • Auditoriums, cinemas, halls, computer rooms,
    hospitals, shops, offices, utility rooms, airports,
    exhibition centers, conference rooms &
System Contents (Components)
  • Main-Tee (3600MM)
  • Cross-Tee (120) (1200MM).
  • Cross-Tee (60)( 600MM).
  • WALL – ANGLE (L-Shape/W-Shape/U-shape).
  • Suspension Accessories (Rod Hangers , Adjustment Clips & Anchor Bolts).


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