Strip Ceilings Suspension Systems

C-Type | R-Type | V-Type

Jawdah industrial Co. supplies superior quality strip ceilings suspension systems along with all required suspension accessories.

Jawdah Industrial Co. Ltd. Strip Ceilings suspension systems are made to meet the highest standards for strip Ceiling Suspension Systems and hanging accessories. Different types of suspension systems are applicable according to the strip ceiling type used.


  • (84R)
  • (84R)
  • (134R)
  • (134R)
  • (84C-184C)
  • (84C-184C)
  • (150V-200V)
  • (150V-200V)
Features and Benefits:
  • High quality properties of non-combustibility and mechanical stability.
  • Corrosive resistance.
  • Easly to clean, durable. Easy to install.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable.
Product Specifications
Material Hot dipped galvanized steel, comply with ASTM A 653.
Available Thickness 0.55mm (Standard)
Length 4,000 mm
Types 84R Carrier
134R Carrier
84C/184C Carrier
150V/200V Carrier


Product Specifications For Angles
Types L angle | W angle | u angle
Length 4000mm
Thickness 0.4mm
Material Aluminum

Installation of Jawdah aluminum strip ceilings.

System Contents (Components)
  • Carrier (4000mm length)
  • Border angle / wall angle (4000mm length)
  • Suspension Accessories




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