Jawdah supplies & manufactures superior quality Access panels for ceilings solutions with a wide range of varieties to meet all ceilings types, jawdah access panel provides an effective solution to meet all customer needs, they are designed to allow easy access to voids & cavities where services, piping, and controls need to be accessible for maintenance or emergency work, its frame is made of powder-coated aluminum alloy frame 6063, jawdah have main 2 different types of access panels depending on the type of cladding used (Gypsum or strips) access panels, also for the gypsum type there are 4 different kinds (Regular / Fire-rated / Moisture Resistance / Fire & Moisture Resistance) access panels depending on the type of gypsum required. Jawdah access panels come in square and rectangular shape & with 7 standard sizes available also any customized size could be done upon request, where the choice of what type and size of the access panel varies according to the architect’s specification and contractors demand depending on the choice of the client or requirement of the project. Jawdah access panels are being produced with the highest standards with all hanging accessories to ensure both structural and aesthetic integrity in all ceiling designs.


Features and Benefits:

• Concealed touch latch standard on all doors.
• Removable door panel with safety cable on both sides.

  • High-quality properties of non-combustibility and mechanical stability.
  • Fire & moisture resistance, corrosive resistance.
  • Easy to clean, durable, easy to install, easy access for service maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable.
Product Specifications


Frame Material Aluminum Alloy AA6063, Comply with British
Standerd BS EN 573-3, BS EN 775-2, BS EN 775-9
Types Gypsum Access Panels:
• Regular
• Moisture resistance
• Fire resistance
• Fire & Moisture resistance
Aluminum strips Access Panels
Frame Thickness 1.2 mm
Frame Finish Mill finish powder coating.
Electro static (powder coating) white.
Sizes (cm) 20×20 30×30 40×40 45×45 50×50 60×60 60×90
customized sizes upon request.

Wide range for usage/application area (halls, computer rooms, utility rooms, hospitals, shops, offices, airports & exhibition centers etc.).



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