Aluminum Strip Ceilings V-Type (150V /200V) (Plain / Perforated)

Jawdah Industrial Co. Ltd. Aluminum Strip Ceilings type V meets the highest standards for Aluminum Ceiling strips, strip Ceiling Suspension Systems, and hanging accessories.

It is available in 2 different sizes (150V) which provides a Face Width of 150 mm & the (200V) with a Face Width of 200 mm. it can be made by various thicknesses and a variety of 110 different colors. Also can be made perforated for acoustical usage, Acoustical Aluminum Perforated strip Ceilings has a unique reaction for Sound Absorption and Sound Reflection.


Features and Benefits:
  • High-quality properties of non-combustibility and mechanical stability.
  • Fire & moisture resistance, corrosive resistance & light reflection.
  • Easy to clean, durable, easy to install.
  • Available as perforated for acoustical usage.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable.
Product Specifications
Material Aluminum alloy 3005, 3105. comply with BS 476 PART 7-1987,
ASTM B 209, ASTM D 2247, ASTM E 1477-98 and EN 1396.
Available Thickness 0.5
0.6 0.7 other thickness
upon request
Colors Available in 110 different colors.
Finish pre-painted polyester coating (primer
+polyster ) thk=25 microns from front &
(polyster )5 microns from the back
According to EN 1396.
Fire Rating (Raw Material) Fire Rated Class 0 as per british standard
BS 476 PART 7-1987.
Surface Flame Spread test Class 0 as
per british standard BS 476 PART 6 & 7.
Humidity resistance
(Raw Material)
Humidity resistance up to 1000 HRS
According to ASTM D 2247.
Light Reflectance
(Raw Material)
Light Reflectance more than 0.8
According to ASTM E 1477-98.
Acoustical Properties Avalabile with perforation for acoustical
usage (circular perforation 1.8mm) with acoustical black tissue from the backside.
Sizes (150V) which provides a Face Width of
150 mm.
(200V) which provides a Face Width of
200 mm.

Wide range for usage/application area (bathrooms, kitchens, wet areas, halls, outdoor bottom covering, hospitals, shops, offices, airports, exhibition centers …etc).

System Contents (Components)
  • V-type Wide strip aluminum panel.
  • V-carrier (4000mm length) Made of hot dipped galvanized steel THK = 0.55MM.
  • Border Angle / Wall Angle (4000mm length) Made of panel same material (Avalabile in 2 types L-Angle & U -Angle shapes).


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