Acoustical Perforation Patterns

Applicable For Both Plasterboards, Gypsum and GRG Tiles

Product name: GYPCO PE-01 (OVAL)
Perforation Design OVAL
Perforation % 17.1%
Perforation Size 4x14MM
Horizontal C/C 10.14MM
Vertical E/E 6.3MM
NRC up to 0.8
SAA up to 0.69
Product name: GYPCO PE-02 (MICRO- SQUARE)
Perforation Design MICRO- SQUARE
Perforation % 10.41%
Perforation Size 3x3mm
Horizontal C/C 8.27mm
Vertical E/E 5.27mm
NRC up to 0.85
SAA up to 0.71
Product name: GYPCO PE-03 (CIRCLE) Ø6mm
Perforation Design CIRCLE
Perforation % 7.19%
Perforation Size Ø6MM
Horizontal C/C 18.13MM
Vertical E/E 12.13MM
NRC up to 0.8
SAA up to 0.66
Product name: GYPCO PE-04 (SQUARE)
Perforation Design SQUARE
Perforation % 17.94%
Perforation Size 9x9MM
Horizontal C/C 19.3MM
Vertical E/E 10.3MM
NRC up to 0.85
SAA up to 0.85
Product name: GYPCO PE-05 (MICRO- SQUARE BOX)
Perforation Design MICRO- SQUARE BOX
Perforation % 6.87%
Perforation Size 3x3MM in 4×4 BOX
Horizontal C/C 8.27MM
Vertical E/E 13.24MM
NRC up to 0.75
SAA up to 0.64
Product name:
Perforation Design DUAL DIAMETER
Perforation % 11.7%
Perforation Size (Ø8MM-Ø12MM)
Horizontal C/C 50MM between similar holes
Vertical E/E 25MM between different holes
NRC up to 0.9
SAA up to 0.73



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