Galvanized Steel Tiles LAY-IN (Plain / Perforated)

Jawdah Industrial Co. Ltd. supplies superior quality Aluminum ceiling Tiles, with various thicknesses, lengths, widths, colors along with the appropriate Suspension Systems. Jawdah Aluminum Ceiling Tiles come in a square and rectangular shape, designed with formed edges to rest on the flanges of exposed T15 and T24 Grid systems and also available in Plain and Perforated for acoustical usage.

Jawdah’s Aluminum ceiling Tiles are being produced with the highest standards for Aluminum Ceiling Tiles, Suspension Systems, and hanging accessories. Acoustical Aluminum Perforated Ceiling Tiles has a unique reaction for Sound Absorption and Sound Reflection, Designs varies according to the architect’s specification and contractors’ demand.


Features and Benefits:
  • High-quality properties of non-combustibility and mechanical stability.
  • Fire & moisture resistance.
  • Easy to clean, durable, easy to install.
  • Available as perforated for acoustical usage.
  • Available in Anti-Bacteria
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable.
Product Specifications
Material Galvanized Steel. Comply with ASTM
A653M .
Available Thickness 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 up to
1.0 mm
other thickness available upon request
Colors Available in white color & can be produced
in any ral colour depending on quantity &
client request.
Finish Electrostatic polyester powder coating finish
with thk=60-80 microns. available in
pre-painted polyester coating According to
EN 1396, also in Anti-Bacterial paint upon
Suspension System
Suspension systems T-24 & T-15
Texture Available in plain & with full perforation(
standard ) for acoustical usage (Circular
perforation Ø 1.8mm) with acoustical
black tissue from the backside, Also
customized sizes of perforation & designs
are available upon client request.
Fire Rating (Raw Material)
Fire propagation as per british standard BS
476 Part 6 – 1989
Surface Flame Spread test Class 1 as per
british standard BS 476 Part 7 – 1997.
Humidity (Raw Material) Humidity resistance up to 1000 HRS
According to EN ISO 6270-2..
600x600mm (Plain / perforated)(Metric /
600x1200mm (Plain / perforated)(Metric /Imperial).

Wide range for usage/application area (halls, conference rooms, utility rooms, hospitals, shops, offices, airports, exhibition centers…etc).

System Contents (Components)
  • Galvanized Steel lay-in ceiling tiles.
  • Tee-Grid Suspension system (T24 /T15) (Main Tee, Cross Tee 120, Cross 60, Wall angle).
  • Suspension Accessories (Rod Hangers, Adjustment Clips & Anchor Bolts ).


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