Information Confidentiality Policy

Policy Brief and Purpose

Jawdah designed its confidentiality policy to train employees how to treat customer’s information
and data, to make sure that this information is well-protected. And also to get our customer trust
especially the deals which included critical samples or drawing with secret designs. Government
and military sectors trusted Jawdah in all demands related to mechanical fabrication works.

Common examples of confidential data under control of our policy

  • Mechanical design drawings.
  •  Documents and processes marked as confidential with Military Sector and Government’s relation.
  •  All emails and contacting processes which save in the separated server.
  •  Unpublished financial information.
  •  Data of Customers/Partners/Vendors.
  •  Attached photos & documents in all emails with customers.
  •  List of all contact data like emails, phone numbers, etc.
  •  Date entrusted to our company by external parties.
  •  Pricing/marketing and other undisclosed strategies.