Design & Reverse Engineering

An Internal Technical office equipped with the most up-to-date software for 3D modeling enables us to design and engineer new models according to our customer’s needs. In addition to reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering Process

Jawdah Laboratory Facilities

Metal Analyzer

Determining the precise chemical composition and alloy grade of metal is a common need in many industries. Metal analysis tools that are fast, accurate, nondestructive, and highly portable are the cornerstone of efficient operations whether you are a metal refiner, re-cycler, or fabricator.

3D Scanner

The purpose of a 3D scanner is usually to create a 3D model. This 3D model consists of a point cloud of geometric samples on the surface of the subject. These points can then be used to extrapolate the shape of the subject (a process called reconstruction).

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

To put it simply, a CMM machine is a device that is used to measure the physical geometrical characteristics of an object. This process utilizes a probe that is mounted to the third moving axis of the CMM machine, which is used to define the measurements of the part.

Hardness Tester

Hardness tester, a device that indicates the hardness of a material, usually by measuring the effect on its surface of a localized penetration by a standardized rounded or pointed indenter of diamond, carbide, or hard steel.