Jawdah molds and spare parts factory can produce a lot of various types of customized products, we can start from any process stage if our customers have an idea or drawing. If the customer has a final product sample we can make a full reverse engineering process to cover all our customers’ demands.


1. Plastic Injection Molds

Plastic Injection Molds Design
Plastic Injection Molds Examples
Plastic Injection Molds Products Samples

2. Plastic Blow Molds

Plastic Blow Molds Products Design
Plastic Blow Molds Examples
Plastic Blow Molds Products Samples

3. Vacuum Thermoforming Mold

Thermoforming Mold Design

Thermoforming Mold Examples
Thermoforming Mold Product Samples

4. Tool Press

Tool Press Design

Tool Press Mold Samples
Tool Press Mold Product Examples

5. Punch + Die

Jawdah offers a range of punches and dies for sheet forming machines upon request. Carefully designed to meet the specifications of the electrical industry, and any industry required.

6. High Pressure Diecasting

High Pressure Diecasting Mold Design

High Pressure Diecasting Mold Examples
High Pressure Diecasting Mold Product Samples

7. Spare Parts (Customize)

We are offering our clients, a wide range of spare parts according to original specifications with class certificates. Our spare parts products have tolerated variations with a very good accurate implementation. The manufacturing of any new parts passed on many steps to ensure that the output product is the same as the original one with a high-quality finish.